• Oct 09 Fri 2009 19:25
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Do you believe that? It's my masterpiece!

Don't be foolish by its appearance, it tasted actually no good. According to my flatmate, it tastes too bland, but I am ok with that.

Another masterpiece I cooked that day is this

I boiled the water, fired the mushrooms and the sausage with the same tiny pot. That's how I survive for the past two days.

I am now in the computer room in my department. Since something went wrong with my NB, I can't type in chinese. I am waiting for ASUS to collect my NB and it will take 7-10 working days to fix. How do I suppose to live without the Internet?!

My mom is going to send me the recovery disc and introduction pamphlet, but it will also take 5 days to arrive.

Should I wait for the recovery disc or I should let ASUS to collect my NB?

I just wish there are some people watching my blog can give me some directions, because I am really weak with these things.

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  • tang
  • I wish I could give you some suggestions, but I am weak with that, too.
  • milkandcookies
  • Hi, in the third paragraph, you wrote recovery dick, instead of recovery disc. :p Quite funny though.

    I'm no computer expert but if the recovery disc came with your ASUS NBor if it's a legal software, why not try it first?
    And if it still doesn't work then let ASUS collect the NB and work on it.
  • Ha, thanks for reminding. It'd be too embarrassing if I keep putting that wrong-typed word there.

    I have received my recovery "disc" and successfully recovered my system, so everything is perfect right now.^^

    kib80426 於 2009/10/28 04:48 回覆